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Spaghetti Memoirs is a blog about my efforts to balance good/healthy foods, great drinks, work and exercise. All the recipes are gluten free and all the cocktails are amazing. 

'It's All Good'- Elimination Recipes

A few weeks ago I opened my news feed during my morning coffee and suddenly Gwenyth Paltrow had taken over. Her new cookbook "It's All Good" had hit the stores and had mixed reviews. Some loved it, some didn't understand it, some hated it. So I decided to try it. In it she has a coding system with (1) elimination diet, (2) vegan, and (3) protein-packed recipes. I decided to go through these and see what it was all about. At end i'll give an overall review. :)

Elimination Diet Overall Review: 

I started with 'elimination diet' 

DISCLAIMER- If you are not seeking to do an elimination diet, this book is not for you. If you don't think you have any food allergies, or are not looking to eat a 'cleaner' diet, this book is not for you. If you are still looking to eat McDonald and fried chicken, this book is not for you. 

Several of the recipes I tried served as a good 'starting point' -therefore requiring more flavor and tweaking after- but overall the recipes were ok. For those looking to get ideas on how to cook for an elimination diet, it is definitely a helpful book to show you a world outside of steamed veggies and salad. But after you have gotten a few ideas I would start experimenting yourself.  Not a staple in an allergy prone house, but still a good book to have on the shelf. 

One definite downside, there is very few breakfast recipes on the elimination diet. Life would get very boring if you only used this book. 

First Meal: 

Cucumber + Avocado Soup

Mango + Avocado Salad (with vinaigrette) 

Turkey Meatballs

Baked Apple

Notes: The soup was nice and creamy but slightly citrusy. I put the turkey meatballs in it (since i couldn't make tomato sauce for the elimination recipe) and it seemed to balance better. I'll try the soup again in the future but tweak the ratio for a little less citrus. The turkey meatballs were good and flavorful. The next take day I took them- tossed a cabbage salad with the remaining vinaigrette- and ate them together. It was good. The baked apple did not turn out as planned. It mentions juices but there was no juice to be found. The flavor and mushyness did go good with icecream- admitingly NOT on the elimination diet but hey it was dessert. :) 

Second Meal: 

Many Mushroom Soup

Anchovy + Lemon Salad Dressing

Salmon Burgers

Korean Slaw

Meal 2

Notes:  The soup was a good start but felt like it needed something to give it more depth of flavor. For an elimination diet it did do a good job but the addition of some more spices allowed in the elimination diet would have been helpful. The salad dressing was very simple to make and tasted great on arugula - even better the next day when the flavors had combined more and the dressing was colder. Perfect for a summer dinner. The salmon burgers had a great taste. I let them sit in the fridge for a while, as suggested, and the flavor came out well. I decided to put them on the grill and unfortunately it does not execute as well as the book would suggest. Just put down some tinfoil first and it works fine. I ended up putting it on top of the salad and it went wonderfully. The next day it tasted great as well. Korean Slaw was tasty. The original recipe was a little citrusy/lacked depth of flavor so I added more salt. 

Third Meal:

Perfect Herbed Grilled Chicken

Spicy Brussel Sprouts

Frankies-esque beet salad

Roasted cauliflower + chickpeas with mustard + parsley

Meal 3

Notes: This entire meal was great. I am always apprehensive about the 'perfect' chicken. I have had too many 'perfect' chickens that are merely slathered in sweet sauce, or have an incredible flavor that doesn't permeate a millimeter below the surface. This was different. The marinate had a wonderfully fresh smell and letting the chicken sit in that for a while was worth the wait. It grilled up flavorful and juicy. The spicy brussel spouts were intriguing and did not disappoint. I never would have mixed sriacha sauce and brussel sprouts but it turned out well. My friend is not as tolerant of spicy food so it was great that all spicy sauce is added at the end. I put a dash in for flavor to the overall dish but then added as much as I wanted after. The beet salad looked and tasted amazing. The sweetness of the beets was balanced well with the acidity of the dressing and it all finished with creamy avocado bites. Do not spill it unless you want to realize why they used beat juice to dye clothing. Roasting cauliflower and chickpeas was something I have never done but it was amazing. :) The mustard sauce bite played wonderfully with the nutty flavor of the roasted cauliflower. All in all it was an easy meal. I made it all slowly through the day in a leisurely pace -drinking and reading as I went along- but this meal could totally be made in the normal dinner time (except for roasting the beets). All made great leftovers.