Spaghetti Memoirs

Life Is All About Balance

Spaghetti Memoirs is a blog about my efforts to balance good/healthy foods, great drinks, work and exercise. All the recipes are gluten free and all the cocktails are amazing. 

Why Spaghetti Memoirs?

When starting this blog, more specifically when naming this blog, I had a few friend say 'that's great but aren't you allergic to gluten?  '

Why yes, yes I am. Regardless of that, spaghetti and I have a long standing history. Basically, spaghetti was the first real food that I fell in love with. Let me explain.

My History With Spaghetti: 

As a child, I had long wavy bright blonde hair to match my annoyingly sensitive light skin. It was always an uphill battle to make sure that my hair did not get into every mud puddle, finger paint, or cupcake I ate. Yes I ate all of those things. One night I gave my stepfather a run for his money in a futile battle: my platinum hair v. spaghetti. It had been a long day of running around by the time we got home. It was well past my bedtime but regardless of my drooping eye lids Lee knew I needed to eat something. So he gave me spaghetti. At the moment it was a good move on his part because he knew I would always eat spaghetti. Breakfast? Sure. Lunch? Sounds good. Dinner? Why not. Give me all the spaghetti I could eat, I’d still want more later.

This is slightly ironic considering that I later found out that I have a major intolerance to gluten. 

So there we were, me, my hair, and the bright red color of stainable spaghetti sauce. I started to dig in but my eyes began to droop. I was getting tired but I still had a plate of spaghetti left so I pushed on. Soon, I would take ‘breaks’ while chewing to let myself rest. This was a bad move. Those breaks turned into ‘resting my eyes’, which turned into slowing descending, face first, into my plate of red, squishy spaghetti. Kind of like a noodly, delicious pillow.

Lee eventually found me well into REM sleep in my spaghetti and had the horrible task of getting all the red sauce out of my hair that night. I chose to continue sleeping through this entire process. Think of trying to get a wet noodle to stand on end by holding it in the middle. While most of this night was a blur for me, I still remember exactly what I wanted for breakfast the next morning.

My Love Of Spaghetti

Spaghetti. A perfect combination of noodle and sauce that shows someone, somewhere in the universe wanted us – or maybe just me – to be happy. Noodles firm to the bite but cooked through topped with a tomato sauce that is acidic but seasoned enough to have a smooth and dynamic flavor. This may seem simple but is not achieved by many with the sauce being the difficult part. Plated it can look just like vibrant red tomatoes with oregano and hints of garlic. It only takes one batch of purely acidic, one-dimensional sauce, to realize that it is an art. Much like the characters in Good Fellas, it can be an all day experience requiring patience and precision. It is this patience, precision, and all day experience that made me fall in love with cooking. Those guys in Good Fellas have it right. Making Spaghetti is an experience. It's one of the few things in life where the journey adds to the destination. I have always loved spaghetti but after I made my first batch of sauce with my Dad -similar to the experience in Good Fellas- I realized that I loved cooking. 

With that, I hope you enjoy Spaghetti Memoirs.