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Montreal: Wandering to My Lunch

Im going to be completely honest with you. I have tried to write this blog entry about four times and each time I have hit Ctl+A and delete. Every time I got about three paragraphs in and wasn't satisfied. I was trying to describe a day where instead of making my 11:30 lunch reservation, I wandered- with little direction- until I found some food and along the way I stumbled upon a new yoga studio, an available apartment, and a lot of tourist attire. Was it too many words? Was I not giving enough background? Did I wander into an irrelevant tangent?

No. I realized that that my day was the exact opposite of paragraphs of words. I was wandering around simply taking everything in. There were few words spoken but many pictures taken. So I have decided to share my lunch wanderings through Montreal, Canada through pictures accompanied by brief narratives.  

Hope you enjoy.  


I had traveled to Montreal for a work trip but was not going to squander the oppotunity to explore the city. When my search for Le Quartier Genearl brought me to Gilford St. - rather than Gosford St- I decided to just walk around.

Champ de Mards

Since I was in the middle of high rises and large glass building I was pleasantly surprised to come across this.  Perfectly perched atop a hill, looking out over the city. So I decided to turn right.

Wandering down Notre Dam St. I found an alley that looked promising.

This is where I went from downtown building to Old Montreal. Nothing but shops, menus, and cafes. 

For the next 2 hours I zig zagged along going in shops, and looking at menus. So much fish tar tar, so much variety, so much fun. 

I even came across a little girl making a wish in a well. Well maybe not one wish, more like five. 

The first wish

The fifth wish.

The scenery.

Finally, I realized that I needed to eat and when I passed by an open court yard, packed with tons of people and a light breeze, I decided to walk in. Without even taking a glance at the menu outside I was pleasantly surprised with a glass of rose and their vegan, gluten free special.  

My Rose

My lunch

The perfect way to start my wanderings through Montreal. Now back to the hotel until it's time for dinner.