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What Are Common Myths Associated with Veggie Eaters?

In an attempt to reduce judgement, and help inform others, I have decided to post the top three myths/arguments i've seen posed again being a vegan/vegetarian. 

I would love for this to be a conversation and NOT a forum for judgement. I am sure that many of you meat and veggie eaters have come across many more arguments so please feel free to share them in the comments section!

Vitamin Deficiency-

One of the top questions/arguments posed to me when I say "I eat Vegan/Vegetarian" deals with vitamins. For example:

How do you get enough calcium if you can't drink milk?
You only get B12 from animal products right?
If you have to take a pill to get all your vitamins you aren't eating a well balanced diet

Forgive me, but this is ridiculous. First, soy, tofu, some green veggies (i.e., collards), and even molasses are all good -non animal- sources of calcium. Furthermore, doctors, vitamin companies and commercials all state how women need more calcium -regardless of their diet. Second, while B12 is only present in animal products most multi vitamins -taken by veggie and meat eaters alike- contain B12. Problem solved. Finally, if the final argument had ANY standing then the only people that need to take daily vitamins are those that are not healthy eaters (e.g., looking at you daily McD's eater). This is clearly not the case. It's good to be aware of vitamin deficiency but even meat eaters need to take vitamins to stay healthy.

It's Too Expensive

Lets think about this for a moment. What is more expensive, a set of portabello mushrooms or an 8oz steak from the butcher? Right, the steak. While many animal free versions of food (e.g., dairy free cheese, cream-cheese, sour cream, soy/almond/coconut milk) may be more expensive than their bargin animal-based counterparts, these are not REQUIRED to be a veggie eater. As a matter of fact, I know several people that were vegetarian while in college purely for financial reasons. If you try to be a veggie-eater but want to still eat the same foods (mac and cheese, stroganoff, pizza) then yes, you will come across some expensive items. If you instead embrace the diet, get a cookbook and see the really simply and cheap ways to prepare veggies this myth will quickly become debunked for you as well. 

For example, a great meal for me, that is filling, is the following: 

Portabello burger (the mushroom grilled + tomato, lettuce, bread [gf for me] + condiments) 

Grilled Salvadorian Corn (corn on the cob + mayo +mustard + ketchup + chili powder + cheese)

Grocery Total no more than $20...that's assuming i have to buy the condiments and that i'm feeding me + 1.  

All You Can Eat Are Salads and Raw Veggies

This one -for me- is one of the saddest of them all and just reflects a lack of exposure. The veggie diet (vegan/vegetarian) has come SOO far both in-home and in restaurants. Most places have vegetarian menues and some places are completely tailored to veggie eaters. While the quality of veggie foods may have been sub-par 10 years ago, SO much has progressed- similar to the GF world. I have had meals that I would have NEVER known were vegan and I can't remember the last time I went into a restaurant that didn't have a 'vegetarian meals' section. The only time I find myself with a lack of options is when people insist on going to a steak house or something similar. But I can't really fault the restaurant for that. It would be like going to a vegan restaurant and being upset that they don't have meat. 


This awesome video was also recently released that outlines how to get protein in a veggie diet! Totally awesome!