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Spaghetti Memoirs is a blog about my efforts to balance good/healthy foods, great drinks, work and exercise. All the recipes are gluten free and all the cocktails are amazing. 

Gluten Free Cupcakes. You've Come So Far

One of my favorite ways to become acquainted with a neighborhood is to wake up, walk around with my morning coffee, and explore. I like the morning because you get to see the ‘normal’ people, the locals. The people going to work, taking their daily puppy walk around the block, or getting in line at their favorite place - before it opens- to get a cupcake. It is these people that tell you what is good in the neighborhood.

Lock I found on the bridge

The other day I decided to explore Georgetown, DC. I got a grande soy latte- one pump of vanilla- and walked across the bridge from Arlington. I was joined by morning runners, people riding their bike to work/school and all of them looked at me with a smile. I felt accepted into the morning crowd. I felt relaxed. As I walked past closed boutiques and just opened coffee shops I stumbled upon a line at Georgetown Cupcakes. Without a second thought, almost like I had been walking there all along, I turned the corner and took my place in line. As I sat there sipping my coffee a voice inside my head suddenly said ‘you are in line at a BAKERY! They probably don’t even have gluten free cupcakes.’ As I stood there I got worried that  I would have to walk away empty handed.

Who are we kidding? I was more concerned they would not have GF cupcakes and i’d get something anyway. Self restraint isn’t really my thing at times when cupcakes are involved.  Gluten or no gluten, these locals say this is good so I am not missing out. 

Waiting for Georgetown Cupcakes

Luckily for me they DID have gluten free cupcakes- and even offered to change their gloves to box my salted caramel cupcake. As I walked away I felt like it was my lucky day! I found a cupcake place and they had something I could eat! Wow! In my daze I suddenly looked up past the Lululemon and Kate Spade sign to see Sprinkles Cupcakes. I stopped short in my tracks- in sheer amazement- right in front of the store. 

‘Should I go in with a competing bakeries box in my hand?’

‘Can I eat that many cupcakes gf or not?’

‘Do they ALSO have gf cupcakes? They didn’t when I went in LA.’

The answer was yes, yes and yes! Not only did they have gluten free cupcakes but they were red velvet! I was in pure heaven!

Once I found another coffee shop and proceeded to pig out, I suddenly realized that the gluten free industry has come so far. Only a few years back finding gf goods was a miracle and when you did they were either amazing or better used as a brick- the latter being the majority of the cases. Most cupcakes were the density of a pound cake coming in only chocolate or vanilla. But here I was, in Georgetown, eating a moist flavorful salted caramel cupcake from Georgetown cupcakes and a Red Velvet one from Sprinkles. Both within a mile of each other. I wasn’t missing out on any eating experience!

 My have we come so far!!!


Salted Caramel!