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Kathryn Budig: Making Your Passion Your Work and Balancing It All

Almost 5 years ago I saw my first Yoga Glo video with Kathryn Budig. I must admit it was a little different than I had experienced in the past -in a good way of course. She was vibrant, happy, and straight forward. Through the computer she managed to call out your self doubts- something I wasn't used to- and ask you push through them -in a very zen yoga way of course. After my 60 minutes I started looking into her has a person and was hooked from that point on. It was immediately obvious that her 'work' is her passion. Every day is an exciting adventure for her and she looks forward to it. I have been inspired by her from that point on.

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Kathryn Budig is a world traveling yoga instructor that does it all. Retreats, interviews, photo shoots, Yoga Glo, Under Armour, you name it. In addition, she works out-outside of yoga-, sky dives, is a proud owner of three adorable puppies, devoted partner, and healthy cook. Amidst all this and a hectic travel schedule, in every picture and status update I see from her she is always smiling and happy. Even in the face of the periodic cold she has a positive look on life and seems genuinely excited. I wanted to know how. How does she manages to balance everything? How does she maintain a demanding travel schedule and still keep a smile on her face, not get bored with her yoga practice, and connect with friends and family? So I reached out to her. At first I was quite nervous as Kathryn has inspired my yoga practice and life for many years. I also figured that she was just too busy. When would she possibly have time to respond to my email? But she did and once again she inspires (Thank you Kathryn).


-You are super busy traveling and teaching yoga but it's clear that even with all that work you love what you do. How did you manage to turn what you love into your career?

I was lucky enough to grow up with parents that would have never seen me do anything but what I love. They embraced all my whims growing up—wanting to be a naturalist (until I found out I had to deal with bugs, too) a lawyer (my older sister's career), an Olympian, an actress and then finally, a yoga teacher. I love doing yoga but more than that I love spreading the message. It's amazing to see people's eyes light up when the achieve a difficult pose they never thought possible or when that self worth light turns on. I want to empower people, make them more comfortable exactly as they are, and love their lives. Yoga is the perfect vehicle for that.


-Did making yoga your career have any effect on your enjoyment in your personal practice

Oh my goodness, yes! It happens to all teachers at some point. If you eat, breath, live yoga you're bound to get a bit run down on the actual mat. I still love practicing, but not in the way I did when it first came to me. It is a full time job, so I like to explore other venues like pilates, pure barre, hip-hop dance, etc. I find that if I keep it fresh my yoga practice always feels like home when I unroll my mat.


-In addition to yoga, you are a sky diver, puppy owner, explorer, cook, partner, and constantly striving to eat true and love true. What are you secrets of balance through all of those?

My secret? One day at a time. When your plate overflows it's simultaneously amazing and overwhelming. I tackle what I can day by day instead of taking on my entire life in each moment. It allows me to show up, hear what needs to be heard, do what needs to be done and do it to my best abilities. All you can do is show up, do your best and then go to sleep knowing that was a perfect day.

Photo by Stark Photography 

Photo by Stark Photography 


-What are some of your bigger challenges/obstacles you face to maintain balance in your life?

The travel is a constant challenge. My immune system and sinuses are always angry and weak. I work with an acupuncturist and holistic practitioner to keep myself in the best condition possible. It's also difficult leaving home on a regular basis. My family, dogs, and friends are my heartbeat. I'm trying to make my trips less frequent and shorter so I can be home. It's my recharge button and I do my best to drop my teacher hat and just be me. I love that.