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Android Priority Interruptions Redesign

The other day I walked into the kitchen to find my boyfriend futzing with his phone. He was obviously irritated so I inquired. His response..

You should fix the UX for this...

And then shoved his Nexus 5 in my face. He was trying to set the priority settings on his phone. I looked at his phone and was equally confused.

The red arrow: All other spots with this typography indicate 'tap and a menu of options will appear.' This one is not clickable. it's just instructions. 

I decided to do a slight redesign of this screen to make it more intuitive and easy to understand. I am not affiliated with nor do I represent Android. I just dig design. :)

Lets do this.

Overall View

1- Enter Settings

In the current design, the menu is called 'interruptions.' This is the first that the term is used at all in reference to priority, texts, calls, events, etc therefore the users I chatted with found it confusing. I decided to change it to "Priority Settings" so that it makes more sense choosing from the "sounds and notifications' menu. I also made the different sections visually distinct. You can set (1) activate priority notifications, you can (2) activate a downtime for notifications, and (3) you can adjust the settings for both. 

2- Activate "Priority Notifications"

Next, I made everything that isn't active light grey. When they become active- by flipping the switch to green- they become darker. 

This menu is just like the current design. As soon as you choose to activate priority settings it asks you for how long. 

When either the priority notifications or notifications downtime are selected the settings then show up. I kept the 'grey = inactive' strategy in here as well. 

3- Modify Settings

Finally, the current design only is restricted in some of it's options. For example, it allows you to set 'accept messages and call from starred contacts' but not 'accept calls from all and messages from starred contacts'. I expanded out the options to where you could choose 'starred' or 'all' notifications for both calls and messages. These options are only made visible when they are activated. 

There you go! Feedback and comments are always welcome! Thanks for coming by.