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Spaghetti Memoirs is a blog about my efforts to balance good/healthy foods, great drinks, work and exercise. All the recipes are gluten free and all the cocktails are amazing. 

The UX/UI Experiment...

...well it's not really an experiment so much as it is a continued-education project. 

Over the holidays I was catching up on my news feed reading and came across The Best User Experience Design Links of 2014 blog by Kenny Chen. Besides providing me with some good company during my morning coffee, it also reminded me of how much I really enjoy UX/UI work. It has research, statistics...

two things I have always loved

...psychology, behavior planning, information architecture, cognitive theory, wireframes, interaction with those creative types and those programming types...

two groups that I jive with well

...not to mention that it is becoming a corner stone of so many businesses these days. Oh my!

In the midst of my excitement I turned to my own blog and realized...wha UX is not..err..up to par. Neither is my grammar but you didn't come here for my writing expertise. So I decied to use this as an opportunity. I'm going to brush up on my UX/UI practice through modification of Spaghetti Memoirs. 

Before we all go off in a rush of excitement and enthusiasm -I know you're excited- there will be highs, lows and maybe even a few unanswered questions. I may even get a little off course but will always find my way back. As I read i'll be sure to include the links I find and the sources that have helped. Since I will be modifying the website as I go through the process those that follow from the beginning will be able to see all the action happening. :)

So here we go...starting from the beginning...lets get our UX/UI on.