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UX/UI Experiment: Strategy

In the previous blog I explored the user and what they were like. Now that I have that going around in my brain, it's time to start thinking about the strategy of the site/business overall. 

The real test of a UX designer is how well you can align those goals so the business benefits when the user reaches their goal.
— -Joel Marsh The Hipper Element

There is the big question- what are my goals? What do I want to do with Spaghetti Memoirs :)

Using a great exercise from Joe Natoli's course (User Experience Design Fundamentals) I created a list of opportunities and then ranked them on importance and feasibility. 

*Note: The exercise has a few more steps that made sure I didn't list everything under the sun and had restrictions on points allocated to each. This is more of the Cliffs notes. I highly recommend taking his course for the full exercise.*

                                                             Importance          Feasibility

(1) Increase unique visitors            4                          2

(2) Increase shared content           4                          4

(3) Increase content                           4                          5

I noticed that while all of them are important, they vary on how feasible it is for me to control them with UX strategy....I know that I can influence unique visitors with marketing strategy.

This is how I came about with the table....Good content that addresses the users needs will get people interested and help to increase them sharing (Facebook, Pintrest, etc) so I must focus on designing for these two things. I should also keep unique visitors in mind while I design as well to keep this ball rolling.

I do note that these opportunities would obviously change based on the business objectives, the product, the users they are attracting, etc. 


Well that was fun. Back to the books for time we meet i'll start talking about use scenarios.